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How To Declare Attendance and Submit Stroke

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Meets and Events

The swim team calendar is integrated with the broader AST calendar.

This site is used to manage swim team sign ups and communicate with swim families.  Here is a general breakdown of this season's schedule:

  • April 1 – Registration opens
  • May 28 – Practice begins (All age groups)
  • June 2 – Swim Team Meet & Greet / Suit Fittings
  • June 15 – Time Trials
  • June 17 – 1st B Meet
  • June 22 – 1st A Meet
  • July 28 – End of Season Banquet
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Woodley Mini Meet


  • They do not follow the NVSL age rules. For this meet, 6-year-olds swim against 6-year-olds, 7s against 7s, etc. NOT 6-year-olds who are really 7, etc. For this meet your age is your age.
  • Each child may swim up to 3 events
  • Cost is be $5 an event
  • No-faster-than times are established by the NVSL 2018 All Star qualifying seed times
  • Woodley will NOT accept any on-deck entries. WOODLEY WILL NOT CHANGE ANY ENTRY THE DAY OF THE MINI MEET.
  • Children entered in the Kickboard event may not swim any other events (this event is intended for our youngest beginners who cannot swim the length). Kick boarders will be allowed to have an experienced swimmer assist them, but please remind the assistant that they cannot pull the child across the pool. The kick boarder will be DQ'ed if this happens.
  • Special larger ribbons will be awarded to each child in every heat based on their finish in that heat.
  • In addition, the top three finishers in each event will receive a medal.

Officials required from Participating Teams:

Every team that participates in the Mini Meet must furnish the following officials:

  • One (1) Ribbon Writer
  • Three (3) Timers for full meet (or six (6) for half meet) -
  • The timers must be at least 12 years old.
  • One (1) Stroke and Turn Judge - Stroke and Turn Judges will be rotated in so no one has to work the entire meet.
  • One (1) Runner - Runners may be 8 or over.  The runners can take turns and will not have to work the entire meet
  • One (1) Clerk of Course
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We, as a team, cannot make it through the season without effective communication all around.  We know that there will be new families and families that do not speak English as their primary language – please do not allow this to stop you from speaking to the Coaches and Team Reps.  Veteran parents please help to introduce new parents or families that speak other languages to the Coaches and Team Reps, and help to ensure that the communication lines are open.

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